Monday, July 28, 2014

Why I Like Ceramic Cookware

My kitchen is buzzing with activity, and the smell of a delicious dinner fills the air. The oven is heating up a made-from-scratch casserole, and all four burners on the stove are being used to boil and steam a variety of mouth-watering foods. The microwave just dinged, signaling the end of a quick reheat, and the refrigerator is housing a potato salad made from a recipe handed down from generation to generation.  What is the one thing that all of this delicious food has in common? Regardless of the cooking style, all of this food will be prepared perfectly because it has been cooked in the best ceramic cookware on the market.

When it is time to bring the food to the table, the pots and pans that cooked the food easily convert to serving dishes and come right to the table. This takes the hassle out of transferring all of the freshly cooked food into serving dishes, and doubling the amount of dishes you have to wash after your meal. People who are serious about their food know ceramic is the best option when buying cookware.

High quality cookware is something that people intend to have around for a while, which is why ceramic is such a great option. Ceramic cookware is non-toxic – unlike Teflon, which is used in most of the best nonstick cookware on the market – and stain resistant, and it maintains its beauty and design through many years of family dinners. 

Ceramic cookware can help you cook healthier meals. Since the surface of a ceramic pot or pan is non-stick, you don’t have to resort to using butter to keep food from sticking to the pan. Ceramic cookware does not hold onto bacteria or tastes from previously cooked meals. This popular style of cookware does not interfere with the chemical structure of food. Another benefit of ceramic cookware is that is considered non-reactive, which means it will not react to foods with acidic ingredients. You don’t have to worry about a funny metallic taste when cooking with foods that are high in acidity like lemons or tomatoes.  Have you ever wondered why high quality cooks use pizza stones when making their famous pies? Ceramic materials pull moisture away from the dough, adding the crispness to the crust that everyone enjoys. It also holds heats very well, allowing for an all over even bake.

Not only is cooking a breeze with this high quality cookware, but cleaning up is easy too. Ceramic cookware is one of the easiest styles to clean, and won’t scratch or pit after a few good uses. 

The list of “pros” when it comes to using ceramic cookware is extensive: Easy to clean, versatile for many different cooking styles, converts easily to serving dishes and is non-toxic. However, none of this matters if the pot or pan is dropped. Anyone who has taken a pottery class knows that anything ceramic is unforgivable if dropped. These beautiful and multi-purpose dishes chip easily, and will shatter if dropped from a high enough point. These dishes require gentle care when being stacked or transported.

Before you get home with your fancy new cookware, you first must pace the cookware aisle of your favorite store and make the big purchase. Just as with any other major household purchase, you get what you pay for. Cookware, like beds and TVS, are used daily and are worth spending the money to ensure the highest quality possible. In other words, buy the best ceramic cookware you can afford. A quick online search can bring up thousands of choices, ranging from $50 to $500. You get what you pay for, and because cookware is a tool you will use daily, it is important to focus on quality. It is not always necessary to buy the entire set of cookware. Buying pots and pans by the piece can be a good way to build your cookware collection without shelling out a lot of money all at once.

Dinnertime is family time, and family time is precious. The time you spend cooking and eating together should be a fun and memorable experience. Don’t waste this time worrying about if the Teflon on your pan is flaking off into your shrimp scampi or if the kids are going to complain that the lemon sauce tastes like metal. Cook, serve, and eat in confidence knowing that you made the best decision for the health and appetite of your family by cooking their meals with high quality ceramic cookware.

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